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Wedding clothes and Accessories

Finding a wedding dress can be very stressful and frustrating. Decide whether you want to get your dress made or if you want to hire something. There are pros and cons in both. Decide what would be most cost effective for you and whether this is something you want to compromise on.

Finding a dress should be one of the things you start looking for as soon as you have found a venue. Don’t leave it too late as you will need to make adjustments and have several fittings before you have the dress of your dreams.

Select a veil that you feel comfortable wearing or design it in a way so that it can be removed after the chuppah.

Decide what kind of shoes you want to wear and if you would like to change into a pair of flat shoes for the dancing.

Decide if you would like bridesmaids and who is paying for the dresses. Most bridesmaids like to choose their own style within your color choice.