Making a Simcha is always stressful. Keeping everyone happy, making sure that the relatives who are not talking to each other are sitting on opposite sides of the room and that the music isn't too loud. Besides the obvious obstacles I knew that I had taken a lot on before the wedding and there was an enormous amount of work to be done.

Tanya was the person who put it all together for . She took me to the hall before the wedding and made sure that everything was arranged ahead of time and that we knew where and how everything should be laid out. This way, there were no surprises when i arrived at the hall on the day of the wedding. Tanya, who had already been there for a few hours in advance was making sure that the designer was making the flower arrangements for the tables, that  tables were laid beautifully and that the photographer was ready to take family pictures. It was such a relief to see Tanya at work, smiling and sweet and yet getting the work done. Knowing Tanya was in charge allowed me to enjoy my lovely Simcha.

Lindy Ben Yosef

In December 2014, we were privileged to host the wedding of our son.In support of that event we accepted the recommendation of our son’s bride’s mother to engage Ms. Hakimian as our wedding coordinator.  We were not only pleased with everything she did to make the wedding event and reception work without a hitch, but we could not have done it without her. Events of this nature have numerous opportunities for things to go wrong such as wardrobe issues, sudden inclement weather, missing persons when you need them, seating changes, etc.  There’s no way one can both be walking down the aisle and deal with these things at the same time. Yes, we had some things that were not scripted, but thanks to Tanya, you would not have known. Everything went smoothly and happily…. But only because Ms. Hakimian was there. She has our full recommendation. 

Gary and Marsha Dalin 

Dear Tanya,

Thank you so much for all your help at Rachell's wedding to Joshua. Your foresight and capable hands enhanced our affair and freed us to enjoy our guests and Simcha.

Sincerely Chana B. Kornfeld

We saw Tanya's advertisement and my son contacted her regarding help in planning his wedding. We found Tanya to be very helpful, always available when a problem arose and had all the sources needed on hand, The wedding itself ran like clockwork and to a very tight schedule. We highly recommend Tanya for all your event planning needs.

Irene Swartz 

If you are looking for a party planner, I have the perfect one to recommend. We just celebrated our oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. When we first started with the planning we had no idea how to go about the whole thing, until we met with Tanya the Event Producer. She arranged everything for us, the hall, the catering, the photographer,the musician etc. Tanya made all the phone calls, came up with lots of ideas and went through all the details and schedules for the big day. We couldn’t have done it without her. She is a nice person to work with and has a  great sense of humor. She makes everything sound easy and doable without any hassle.

Aahron Singer

Having Tanya be the ‘point woman’ for all the various people that needed attention the evening of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah meant that I could focus on my daughter, the celebration and my guests, instead of worrying about any extraneous details!  She arrived early at the hall, armed with instructions for the set up, gave directions to the crew of waiters, the sound man, the particulars of the decorations, the hall personnel, etc, and then she stayed till the very last person was paid, the leftovers packed away, and we were ready to go.  I couldn’t have enjoyed my simcha without her!  I now know that essential for any event is a Tanya to Totally take care of all the minutiae, leaving one to bask in the glow of the affair, rather than drown in its details.

~Rivka Ester Rothstein